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lady xo – guala lyrics



came up from the b+ttom
i’m gettin’ straight to the guala
i’m solid seal with a kiss, wala
bust out a pack, all my clients up callin’
i don’t drink act, but this wood got me coughin’
i keep me a k
won’t miss my target, it’s up, let it spray
i got some work, comin’ straight from the bay
how you still bangin’, but ain’t gettin’ paid? okay
i had to paid the way, them b+tches don’t like me, they better get used to it
ain’t seen the vision from my side, you said i was crazy, well, call me a lunatic
i dropped this b+tch, now she bussin’ it
if he try to walk up, we tuckin’ it
it’s cold outside, rock a letterman
luck if you test it, gon’ give you the best of it, yea
i’m t’n up celebratin’, who doubted me?
and i still pray ’bout the ones who be proud of me
don’t benefit, i don’t want liabilities
want part of mine, sh+t, they sayin’ be k!llin’ me
just ’cause you hate it don’t make you an enemy
bet, if the shoe fit, i’m just speakin’ generally
try replicate it, but i got the recipe
always a leech, i mean that disrespectfully
say that you love me, but i peep the jealousy
should been on my team, but you rather envy me
playin’ with bread you could die, that’s essentially
act like he tough, but his block really sesame
if you f+cked with me, then you wouldn’t question it
move off emotions, but i speak in benjamins
mean what i say, not offensive, it’s genuine
this dirty business, i like the adrenaline
watch how you talkin’, i ride with a felony
keep the composure, this b+tch really testin’ me
he coppin’ bowls, i don’t blame him, it’s medicine
try to be sl!ck, robbers knock at your residence
pay for filets, yes, i love me a gentlemam
came here with me, so you gon’ have to let ’em in
postin’ them straps, they gon’ use it for evidence
say they put me on, they wish they was relevant
if it’s a problem, gon’ come out my element
ain’t really on that, he just an impressionist
i told ’em it’d pop, don’t insult my intelligence
put fear of god in ’em, he speak with impediment
he say i’m boujee, but baby, i’m elegant
i spoke on my plays, i could see he was hesitant
with me or against me, you don’t get to guesstimate
no b+tch know my business, i know if they tellin’ it