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lambchop – of raymond lyrics


i have stood here in this garden
where you placed me in the spring
i have held my arms gracefully from my side

a dog dish and an afro pick
you laid beside me as a trick
of comp-ssion that comes through the night

in fields of green, in field of straw
there ain’t no telling what we saw
as we stand together on this hill

i used to be a part of a more complicated scheme
as furniture with gl-ss upon my head
you paint me white, you clean me off
you say my name each time you cough
it’s a pattern as old as it gets

i’ll stay right here till you get back
you’re concrete white, i’m plastic black
i’m the statue of the virgin mary

i am free from all decisions
i am free from all despair
you can see there’s not a wrinkle on my face

looks pretty good from where i stand
no crying fields, no sins of man
all for the love of raymond
all for the love of raymond