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lambchop – paperback bible lyrics


i? d like to buy a good
used paperbacked living bible
and i? ve got some things
that i? d like to put on out there
like a pony cart and an old bird bath
a kitchen sink and a rocking chair
you can turn me on
almost any day at noon

hey i? d like to put on
a four month old rat terrier pup
i think he? s a male
and he? s marked up pretty and
this woman? s got some goats
but his feets never been on the ground
you can just buy one
or you can have the whole heard

yeah i? d like to find
a twenty seven inch color tv
has to be non working
an rca cause i need the parts
and daily there? s an old drive shaft
and the same berkeline recliner
it? s green and it? s cloth
and it? s been used very little.

then there? s a reba designs
size eight, prom pageant dress
it? s icy blue
with sequins worn just once
there are others that are strapless
but this one? s slit above the knee
if you? re looking for
something perfect for that student

i have always thought
that hand guns were made for shooting people
rather than for sport
why not use a rifle in most other applications
you might find a riffle or a musket
but you? ll never hear a pistol
there may always be
someone looking for or finding some

guess i? d like to sell
a good used paperbacked living bible