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lance markeith – the payoff lyrics


(scarface intro)

all these n+ggas here hatin’
and that’s cool sh+t cause i do’s this
paid alla my dues they say do hip hop
i said no rules b+tch
i might lose it, spit a flow that’ll make the club stupid
f+ck a b+tch in my whip too the new song tell em it’s exclusive

and not because i’m flexin’
nah i swear not because i’m flexin’
not because i’m winning
nah not because i’m winning
i get it off the muscle
i get it off the muscle
(work hard n+gga, i just work hard n+gga)
swear i just get it off the muscle
(work hard n+gga, i just work hard n+gga)

two songs on the demo
now n+ggas start recording
well f+ck alla yo flows
i gotta help my mom’s with mortgage
all y’all n+ggas be flexin
i ain’t never had sh+t and i still don’t
prolly some b+tches who ain’t f+ck and they still won’t
middle fingers in the sky if you still phony
f+ck that sh+t, all my n+ggas real
all my n+ggas grindin’
and they got they own meals
(and n+gga we eatin’)
and no one eatin off me
say that money talk and yall speaking softly
we keep it talkin’
like pretty soon it’s gone cost a g
‘fore a n+gga get a feature off me
(and not because i’m flexing)
it’s just cause i’m stressing
going through h+ll for a motherf+ckin’ blessin’
(and not because i’m flexing)
and not to say i’m the bestest
it’s just hard to be heaven sent
when you always around some demons (good god!)

get these snake ass n+ggas from around me
say good gawd
they ain’t never get it off the muscle (off the muscle)
they ain’t never had to work hard
(good gawd!)

i’m to stressed for interview
and my girl ain’t going to ya dinner dude
that was high school no i dont remember you
f+ck with my n+ggas ain’t no telling what my friend’ll do (oh lord!)