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landmine marathon – liver and lungs lyrics


pale with envy and in throne
blood boils between each cheek
turning time and life two ends will meet
mirrors and men trade life for a lie
a black frame surrounds her face
yielding her fair barren skin
once again she weeps
and once again he shows
her naked body lying in the earth
the hunter’s kill is innocent
lungs and liver are removed
this slender body is vacant
but still with a beating heart
having blood l-st and dagger’s hands
casts him to the end of time
then he shows her how to die
left barren inside the earth
he whispers one last time
leaving in her mind
you are less than you
have ever been and will never be
dying awake slows only heart’s hammer
each cut unlike any other
easy to take each dagger’s hand
and sever deep into the snow
melting into her bones
what was once a hunter’s prey
now resides inside himself
brawn grip will not release her
for sovereign mother sets tables
too long for just one feast