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larnelle harris – god of a second chance lyrics


we give our praise to you
oh god of the second chance
we come before you now with trumpets
and harp and dance
we adore you
rejoicing in the work you’ve done
the captive souls that you’ve redeemed
the battles you have won
we praise you oh god
god of the second chance

oh lord who gives us life
the god of all the earth
you’re the one who made it possible
to have a second birth
it was you, your love, your sacrifice, your plan
that through the cross of calvary gave us hope again

repeat chorus

your heart kept reaching out
though some refused to receive your grace and mercy
and the life you called them to
and even though it meant your son would bear our sin alone
through death, h-ll and grave your love
would not let us go

repeat chorus x2

we praise you oh god
we thank you oh god
we worship you god
of the second chance