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last minute sedative – honest mistake lyrics


i swear that you’ve got the wrong one
i swear that it wasn’t me
it’d be cruel if i tried to run from
all the things that i’ve said and done

well, the truth is i’m a liar
i couldn’t stand to face the facts
it’s hard to be oh so honest
when words like daggers pierce your back

i’m havin’ trouble tryin’ to put all the pieces back in
my mind is threatened by the thought that my life’s a
i’m flawed at best

please hear me out
we’re not that different
we’re both honest men
who’ve lied now and again
i’ve made mistakes
who hasn’t these days?
please give me a chance
it was an honest mistake by dishonest man

now that i’m caught inside this trap
i know i can’t run
my schemes have all run dry and
my time to change has come
this is the battle in myself, i finally see
there’s no going back to who i used to be

i’m flawed at best
i’m a dishonest man
who’s lost his way
time and time again
i’ll break away
with forgiveness of my sins