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late tuesday – crazy lyrics


the words we never said, and the looks we never held
the silence that we kept so long, it was easier left
but there’s no denying

standing at your door, listening to our words
honesty i’ve never heard
i’d stay for hours more, but with you i can’t ignore
what’s best and all i’ve learned
there’s no denying, there’s no one denying

i know it sounds crazy but i feel so much
and i don’t know what to do with myself but i like being
where you are
and i feel so certain about who i am in your eyes
and how come with you my time flies, but i will let that
time go by
because there’s no denying, there’s no one denying

all i’ve ever known is not what i know now, when i look
at you
and i’m scared of being known, but not as scared with you
there’s no denying