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latts – intro lyrics


(jm double 0 made this one, you know)
(sebz beats, baby)

fourteen in portsmouth sittin’ in the trizzy
i know i weren’t bein’ exploited, i was tryna bring back racks for a thingy
try that, p+ssed ‘cah drill and i’m litty
surveillin’ me for another conspiry
i run road, just me and my k!lly, four+by+four when we skrrt this city
man bruck down the nine in pebs, wouldn’t have much bread if it weren’t for nitties
i make leng gyal open legs, man dig out her front and cum on her titties
and you can get a meal uptown, just don’t think we’re anything more, that’s silly
course she loves the bands and w+lly, rеal badman, said she wan’ f+ck with me
man pull up and show man zero
man pull up and show man about la
i don’t see thеm stand their ground, but stand your ground, get attacked, melee
i got probi’ givin’ me headache, but i can’t do another day on the landing
[?] man+[?] man flank him
one phone call to dispatch like hand ting
one phone call to dispatch like burner
they got asbo locked for a murder
they kicked my door for two am’s, but the action never got took further
i can make that strip bang, no worker
straight drop on consistency
every call on the weekend gets one free
that’s if they’ve called five days in a week
latts, i’m about bands and beef ‘cah beef ain’t cheap, i need bands for beef
man’s beefin’ some f+ckin’ neeks, don’t f+ck with me, man bang on streets
it was me, young huntz and t, that’s no good deed, can’t bang on we
tryna+tryna slide on your .22, please, move from me, that bang is weak (f+ck off)