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law son | rap – welcome to intro lyrics



never disappeared but i’m back to the b-tches
i discovered this world is made for the riches
and tha black prepared to fall down in the snitches
sea fulfill to kill all these fishes

logic, politic and i still give a f-ck
and the duck is here just to follow and suck
no problem, just come and blow my c-ck
they wanna see me dark, wishing them good luck

i don’t ever wanna do something they tell me to do
and tha fake n-gg- is fake as he tells you the truth
take a step in h-ll, i will see the proofs
take a step in heaven, see that i’ll never loose

check the price ‘fore to buy a nice things
i’m the prince, the game put me the ring
no crown but i’m the last king
mainstream rapper rapping over bling bling
fingerprint to rap with time that’s all i wanna bring

young night, my n-gg-s smoke high, use them to flight
they don’t understand what i’m saying and pretend like what i write

everything’s alright, once the trap is done
i will release a conscious song, who’s gon’ be there? none
no phone number but your p-ssy on my phone
oh law son what’s going on, your respect is gone
oh law son we hope your next song goes no wrong
cuz we know your level and how you strong
so please don’t make us wait for too long

so the trap intro is done, no worries it’s free
entrance, never postpone so
welcome to my world when the fact to be alone.. n-gg-
is awesome