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laylizzy – call me sir lyrics


verse 1 ($ir jeremias):
hun, i’m back at it
and yall ain’t finna do sh-t like a pet rabbit
$till unsigned, still on that grind
still got that b-tch in my room and she but naked
$till bragging, still rapping braggadocios sh-t
flow is cold as sh-t, i thought i told you we get frozen
$hit, ferocious $hit
but now i’m international, n-gg-s still on that local $hit
still $hmoking that’s my bad religion that frank ocean $hit, hun
so now that we caught up
let me get into it, my flows got hotter
four tapes in i expect to be signed
but after this one tell your idol we expect a resign
me, his b-tch and whoever would f-ck with his rhymes
you don’t understand the methods man, this is redman in his prime
or even better, no disrespect
i’m getting props from my peers like f-cking odb back

chorus ($ir jeremias)
im getting girls to sing along, it’s like otis is back!
n-gg-s heard that i’m back, and they like “oh this is bad!”
all the music fiends heard it, they be like “this is crack!”
“$ir jeremia$? is that laylizzy? who is that?
haters already -ssuming that my $hit ain’t jack
but i got girls going blue, although my $hit ain’t jazz
my goodness, greatness that’s where i am at
call me $ir jeremias make sure you remember that

verse 2 ($ir jeremias)
expect me to spill my guts, on this tape
hand on the clutch, foot on the gas, let’s get this guap
brought the rhymes, make no mistake i’m bout to bust
like new york, we never sleep, n-gg- that state is part of u.s
you n-gg-s is boring us, the foreigners
hit yo city, do it big, that’s notorious, hun
slicker than your average, mathers when i am rapping
slim chance that you shady n-gg-s gon’ have it
sweating on your edges, cuz i am so hot, it’s devilish
you say you’re on fire, but you can’t match it
i m a b-st-rd, death grips on your leg, b-tch when i’m at it
a legend, who gon deny it? i talk sh-t but i back it, deadly
y’all kids gon’ get smacked back to your daddy and oh
call me $ir jeremias, thank you for having me!

chorus ($ir jeremias)