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lazer dim 700 - poetic justice lyrics


(f+ck) think my battery gon’ die, got to recharge
i can say what i think ’cause this beat hard
boy, you ain’t what you think, you a r+t+rd
now i get inside, hotel key cards
we just smoked up your sh+t, we the geek squad
had to leave from the trap, had to depart
long live june, wish i could restart
i used to punch in and tell him to keep parts
i just scaled my lil’ x’, i’m wiggin’
know you tripped out, you sleep, you don’t get it
wanna promo your strain? put it in my blunt
n+ggas think they insane but they really calm
i might shoot this b+tch until it start feeling warm
i done shook up myself, it did sound like bones
want to push up and hang, you better put your arm
pop out, black limo’, that my uniform
boy, sit your ass down, boy, you a unicorn
she keep talking about my face, see my unibrow
get some racks and some za’, it gon’ cool mе down
you can’t come and make plays, bettеr move around
he got stomped to get in, now he boolin’ now
you got the drop, what the f+ck you gon’ do about?
you gon’ smell za’ full of lazer, ain’t pull it out
i’ma wear the pants too, yeah, i wear the same thing
push through the interview, no, i ain’t bringin’ gang
lil twin see the likes and the views, think sh+t changed
sh+t got me coughin’, i d+mn near coughed my heart up
cl!cked the little b+tton, the hot box gon’ start up
i know i’m out of shape, i don’t drink water
every time i run my rib cage cramp up
n+ggas trying to run out with the play get clamped up
n+gga bet not wig out on the stage, better back up
come by yourself, why you always need back up?
lil twin drop this sh+t, i know you got a macbook
n+ggas still trying to trap, just got his pack took

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