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lee hendrix$on – tokyo 23 lyrics


doper than some og sh-t straight out the tropics
hotter than the store chain claiming that they the topic
cyclops laser beam type sh-t make you stop it
i know a ton of goblins doing nonsense
for a measly as profit slash greasy -ss dollars
f-ck around catch an extendo to the noggin
clips through your window got ya memory joggin
we know you ain’t but you street, but you speak the jargon
p-ssy boy, no deals, no bargain
leave ya soft -ss face, right on the carton
n-gg-s bust in a dance like carlton
this some cl-ssic -ss sh-t, ritz carlton
no motion blur, no foggy
everybody sweating when they saw me
no ghostwriter, nope its all me
i put your soul on codeine
i put your seat in nosebleeds
now have a good time floating
i’m pennywise, i was plenty wise with pennies
now i got your wife with these benjis
and you simpin out like simply
lemonade, bust on her like a hand grenade
but you can’t stay on this property, that’s my economy
i can make her loop what she saw in me
dunk these grands in the bank like dominque
in the parkin lot like a pimp
i can never get played by a simp
never look down, highest of chins
banana clips, we ain’t talking chimps
b-mping bangers in the benz
got my neck above the rim

too much sauce, no esco
she grab my beef, won’t let go
that hip hop beef, won’t let go
put a hole in your core like bagels
everything you was sayin was fables
get ddt’ed through a table
i don’t need a piece from a lable
feel like mj rockin the cradle