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lee ranaldo – circular (right as rain) lyrics


yesterday, when you came sweetly
i got the sense that i could have you so completely
but it’s always the same thing, you had a view of your own
everyday feelings, like seeds they get sown

yesterday, while you were dawning
arranging a change after a lifetime spent reigning it all in
the amazing ways we play, the circular stories we told
it’s an everyday thing, they’re here and then gone

when you gaze out on your city
do you wonder if it’s time to make it your home again
now that you are free
now that you’re right as rain, yes, you can be alone again

yesterday, the first thing in your morning
you were reading the papers, it was all about that fall storm again
but you’re right as rain, hold on to a sane view of your own
it’s always the same ending, be here or be gone

you’re ancient
you’re arid
so specific