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lefturn – wetty in the east lyrics


pull out my machete when it’s wetty in the east
when i get out my knife we all gonna feast
i am hotter than the beast from the fucking east
when you see me get on your fucking knees
i’m like easter i just hop around these b-tches
when they look into my bank they see these riches
committing treason because i’m the king and the queen, huh
i’m not the joker but i’m in between your daughter
and her daughter’s boyfriend
i am not a friend or a foe in the end
can we eat together this money?
they look at me like i’m so funny
but i eat everything in the fucking way
no, i don’t play look at this blade its gonna swang
its gonna sway
swae lee like swang
do you know my name? yeah that’s my claim to fame
they come around and say that is such a shame
that i got this money and i made myself a name
when they can’t even come, or they never came
on their boyfriend’s d-ck, uh
what the fuck you think this is
take another pic cos you want the clout from it eh
fuck on your mum, hm
i guess you are her only sun
can’t see the brightness because of you
put on the visors i can’t see you
huh, my just get a tattoo of your name and say fuck you
yeah, i fuck everyone but i’m not a prostitute
look at this money i just doubled you
double deuce, double b-tches