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lefty frizzell – she’s gone gone gone lyrics


black sabbath
technical ecstasy
she’s gone
great piece this one. not as good as solitude, changes or warning but still
f-cking superb. has some strings in it, viloins that is. gives you the
shivers, great words…

i’ve been gone a long long time, waiting for you
i din’t want to see you go
and now it’s hurting so much, what can i do?
i wanted you to be my wife
the days are p-ssing slowly, since you’ve gone
your memories are all i have
i sit here waiting but you’ll never show
without you i can’t carry on

you said you’d always love me, all of my life
and then you said your last goodbye
why the sudden change, why all the lies,
i should have seen it in your eyes
the endless hours of heartache, waiting for you
my summer love has turned to rain
the silent emptiness of one sided love
my life means nothing now you’re gone…