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leng tche – popularity contest lyrics


walking around with all the other rich kids
bragging with your expensive clothes
talking gossip with your admired friends
excluding everyone who’s different from you

try to range many fake friends with you
so you’ll become the most popular kid
ultimate power is what you search for
you want to decide who’s accepted and who’s not

the books ”hypocrite -ssholes” and ”rich b-tch suckers”
have no more secrets for you
behaving strange like an alien i try to observe
some people and act like them
you don’t think about what you say, you don’t realize
the trauma caused by you all
can’t you stop picking on me, stop laughing at me
i just want to get respect

teenage problems
are the major concern of your hollow life
try to get rid of all your pimples
look spotless at the outside but nasty inside