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leo (official) – outro/intro lyrics


now ladies and gentlemen, we want to welcome you to the great final. please listen closely because it is directed to all of you

ahm, i also wanted to share with you, ahm, something that i like found really like, helpful, i guess. like you attract what you are. so, say if you´re in a part of your life, where you´re broken, unhappy and just genuinely depressed like you will attract people, who are also broken, unhappy and depressed

ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja. keiner hier kann mich verstehn, keiner hier kann mich verstehn
ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja. aber ihr werdet noch sehn, aber ihr werdet noch sehn
bisher hab ich euch schon oft gesagt, d-ss ich auf die ganze scheiße einfach keinen bock mehr hab
aber als ich das gesagt hab, dachtet ihr das sei ein spaß, meintet hör doch auf zu weinen und gib einfach wieder gas, ja
denkt ihr ganz im ernst, d-ss ich das steuern kann? (skrr, skrr)
d-ss ich meine traurigkeit kurz leugnen kann? (leugnen kann)
alles in mir staut sich immer weiter an (weiter an, weiter an, weiter an)
und ich setze weiter stein auf stein an meinem inneren damm
und jetzt schreib ich zeilen an euch alle. (an euch alle, ja)
schreibe, d-ss ich immer weiter falle. (weiter falle, ja)
mami, papi, wenn ihr das hier lest. (wenn ihr das hier lest)
muss ich leider sagen, ist es schon zu spät

i wasn´t always there for you. you weren´t always there for me. i wasn´t always there for you and you weren´t always there for me

do you really think, this is the only way? (the only way) did you never think of us, and of this motherf-cking pain? (this f-cking pain)
did you never think about what you´d be doing to me? that while you´d put it to your head you would be shooting at me
have you forgotten that it isn’t over until it´s over? just stop following the path of the devil there on your shoulder
if the tunnel seems too long and if the tunnel seems too dark. let me tell you there´s a light, and i know reaching it is hard
but you gotta do it… yeah you gotta try. you gotta be aware that i don’t mean that it’s a shame to cry
however, when you´re focusing too much on all your bad feelings you´ll be blind for hands that try to help you get some fast healing
so better think what wise people like john lennon said. if it isn’t fine yet than it can never be the end
and please remember every winter, no matter how cold it is, has a spring to follow, so just open up and fight for it

i will be always there for you. you will be always there for me. i will be always there for you and you will be always there for me…

if you like move away from that, say if you start like getting better, trying to heal yourself, like trying to recover, you will attract people who are also trying to like recover and trying to better themselves. and i know sometimes there´s like occasions where you give more than you receive and that like is really sh-t but if you are a good person and you do care, like genuinely care about others and stuff, like you will attract exactly those people. and like the more of that you put out into the world, the more you´ll receive

… and you will be always there for me