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leroi fox – be my valentine lyrics


be my valentine
(c) 2013 leroi fox

verse 1:

can you see, e-e ee
you’re the only one i’ll ever need
i say, “hey!” can i stay?
i’ll be right here for you …ev’ry day.
i’ll take you to a place where the rain don’t fall,
i’ll make you feel special, and that’s not all.
so why don’t ya stop …while you’re ahead
and paint my kisses red

chorus (x2):

be my valentine

verse 2:

did you hear, i’m your teddy bear?
i’m soft and warm
and i’m furry right there.
i say, “yo!” here we go;
i’ll pick you up, if you’re feelin’ low.
i should be the one to keep you warm at night,
i should be the one, make everything alright.
sometimes in love, we just get stuck
so, baby just give me a hug.
[be my valentine!]



you and i together? it could be bliss.
baby, all i want is a kiss;
[be my valentine]

end chorus (the guys):

oo baby, be my valentine
sweet baby be the love of mine
oo baby, be my valentine, yeah, yeah
sweet baby be my love
[be my valentine]