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lew salem – i am lyrics


(intro: big thunder)
this is all i ever wanted
this that checker-flag music
this what i imagine it feel like
come walk with me

(verse: lew salem)

i put the
pedal to the floor, let the v-12 roar
this what it sound like when champagne pours
slow-mo with the maybach doors
50 thousand on tour, every night encore

ain’t a man alive, that can press me and survive
what’s a myth to a legend, but a king to a god?
know the doors to success, got the keys to ’em all
a blessing for me to rise, and better to see ’em fall

had to take a lotta pieces out the puzzle
now i got a pretty picture, but i’m still on the hustle
kingsmen st–ze, cuff links on the suit
kingpin themes, top down in the coupe

flip the doors on a x, gullwings the new normal
in the land of success, it’s hard to keep your morals
when you know that you a legend, it’s hard to speak with mortals
when there’s greatness in your aura, how you s’posed to keep it formal?

(interlude: big thunder)
just take a look around you
you see how i’m livin? how the f-ck am i supposed to keep it normal, huh?
c’mon man, this sh-t ain’t easy

(verse ii: lew salem)
a lamborghini veneno, speeding down sorrento
if the driver look familiar, that’s purely coincidental
maybe pops is right; he been tellin’ me tint the windows
i be duckin’ in the bucket seats like i’m practicin’ limbo

every morning i wake and pray in a palace
every night i sip ace of spades from a chalice
peace is vital when staying sane is a challenge
my dedication to greatness from day-to-day is a talent

when i got that beamer, told malik “this where i’m s’posed to be.”
teared up on that line, that moment spoke to me
ain’t n0body would dare to go toe-to-toe with me
emperor’s haki, your will is weak then you go to sleep

it really boost your self-esteem
when your chain a triple beam
and the lamb match the watch with a custom color scheme
with friends like these, i’d hate to be the other team

(outro: big thunder)
look who you surrounded yourself with
i mean, it’s unbelievable. don’t touch me
ah-ah, don’t get near me. don’t touch me, i’m expensive
remember that