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lil b – 3 stacks lyrics


it’s your boy (it’s your boy)

[verse 1]
i’m here for those hard times
your life’s real and i see that
those bills hard, and that rent due
but i swear to god, you gon’ get through
long nights i done thought about
if i was gon’ make it
i don’t care now, it’s for the love
i’m like a fiend, i’m for the drug
population is growin’ fast
and jobs is hard to come by
but don’t trip, you gon’ be good
cos everyone get their time to shine
everyone is a superstar
you don’t need those shiny cars
you don’t need the best clothes
just save your heart
that’s from my heart
all the stuff that’s really smart
they look at me like i’m mr. man
yes, ma’am, i made mistakes
but never picked when i raise my hand
that made me hate school
what’s next? i’m skippin’ cl-ss
education is a first
it comes first before everything
everything is anything
and anything is everything
i don’t care, i let my nuts hang
for the whole world cos i’m back now
berkeley boys, i’m back now
from marin city to sac town
oakland and back down
frisco to richmond
san jose to vallejo
and pittsburg to fairfield
east coast to down south
square bears and gang stares
shouts out to palo alto
bruh bruh got grapes there

you feel me?
my bruh got grapes in palo alto
you feel me?
uh huh
i just spit real sh-t man
that’s all i can do
life is like a t-tanic man
that sh-t, you feel me?
you be afloat, god bless
and you sink? just gotta come back man
it’s all about how you bounce back man
just bounce back man
and when you bounce back make sure you dunk
you feel me?
don’t miss the layup, make sure you dunk
you feel me?
shouts out to everybody i f-ck with
i do this for y’all, the people i really care about
i put this music out like this man
because . . i mean, it’s like, you gotta put out the real, man
especially for the people you f-ck with
i don’t get to talk to my people everyday
but, just know that this sh-t right here, this sh-t right here!
yeah, this for y’all, you feel me
you know i’m still here man
i’m still on the road, you feel me
making sh-t pop
we gon’ get it
you know what i’m saying
i’m telling all my berkeley boys
all my bay area boys
that anything is possible, you feel me?
even if you and a rock
under a rock, in the dirtiest spot
you feel me?
i know some motherf-cking knocks that came out on motherf-cking top
you feel me?
it’s all about your brain and your determination
i promise you man, you gotta have that motivation
i gotta put my people on game, you feel me?
real game, our game
no playing, you feel me?
ps3, switch games, you feel me?
xbox, switch games, you feel me?
it’s your boy lil b man, we on a whole ‘nother level, you feel me?
talkin’ ’bout based boys, based overlord, based god
all that, you feel me?
bring it back, one time, that’s some real sh-t