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lil dinero x lil key – “free bars” lyrics


[verse 1: lil dinero]

i just got a b-tch im calling that carry

she say she a virgin im popping that cherry

b-tch want the sex so why would i marry

we building these bonds they talking that berry

these n-gg-s ain’t real to me

all these hoes trynna chill with me

the n-gg-s ain’t feelin me

n-gg-s be weak as f-ck

talk shit then we linking up

run on you like a nina bus

do you hear me b-tch?

do you hear me b-tch?

n-gg-s getting shot and they innocent

came in the game so im k!lling shit

dont need a tool still drilling shit

f-ck a iv pro but that ain’t healing shit

smoking on loud sound like instruments

pull up in the audi f-cking any b-tch

i ain’t trynna talk f-ck that twitter shit


my n-gg-s be cooling these b-tches be on me ain’t none of my

i just want the neck she knocking me down why is she p-ssing
me condomns

n-gg-s be hiding i swear i can’t find them yeah they act like osama

i feel like im future i left the mall balling f-ck up some commas

i just got some head

laying her flat on the bed

leaving her lot like dreads

like open them legs

my n-gg-s be smoking this loud n-gg-s can’t hear what you said

making this bred try to rob me its dead

beating his -ss till he red

just speaking that head

b-tches is texting my line f-ck it i leave it on read

[lil key: verse 2]

up pole had him running like usain

and your b-tch gimme top while i switch lanes

why your b-tch on my d-ck thats a d-mn sane

catch an op on the block hit him with the thang

and my n-gg-s like [?] trynna hit a stain

and i do this for the money man f-ck fame

like an old school always trynna get brain

lets get it

cause theres no love for these f-cking hoes i dont really care how these hoes feel

yeah im known on the streets as an [?] cause i keep it still

taza bannanas imma let let it rip then imma peel

the bro got the po told his -ss bro just f-cking chill

cause his little -ss been itchin trynna get it k!lled

ran down on the n-gg- knows that im looking like a f-cking clown

told bro just take his -ss down

all i know is get money till a n-gg- rich

man these bands in my pocket got me limping

when i hit the club i ain’t doing dubs so b-tch dont ask if im tipping

never cuff a hoes cause these hoes be stay tripping

catch a body throw him in the lake now he missing

lets get it