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lil durk & metro boomin – local pool lyrics


this lifestyle, so i’m fashioning
every day i’m buying clothes just for a fashion statement
see the n+gga you f+ck with rap, but me, i actually made it
he shot the club up 2010 he still incarcerated
plus he corroborated
and you better get away from all them dog hoes
i be in the crib smokin’ exotic watchin’ narcos
had to send a real connect, your connect is really [?]
get head in that benz truck, pull up it’s like a car show
and when you buying a lot of purses watch them bark hoes
i seen a n+gga pull a hunnid cash from wells fargo
it was crushed pills in my water gotta drink the particles
when i’m definitely off them drugs i be antisocial too
ask my brother how the [?] he had to coast me through
i know too many n+ggas play with [?] make local news
play with us i’ma put some open wounds on top of open wounds
i was washing gun powder off from a local pool
pumping gas for pocket change just to keep a b+tch
my side hustle from my job i was fighting [?]
fresh in my arm keep my ap on to ice my wrist
you say you love me but press charges that’s a dirty b+tch
i broke her spine off that moon she said that’s perky d+ck
you turn your head your homie get you that’s how that money get
you ever had that feelin’ that you might od off percocets
i used to window shop dt now i can purchase sh+t
i can’t make no n+ggas love me if they in disbelief
you be so quick to jump at me but scared of the enemy
if you gon’ rap just make that money don’t try to be in the streets
gotta order uber eats we can’t go out to eat
you had that feelin’ in your stomach you couldn’t go home to eat
you putting that cover over the heater ’cause it’s too cold to sleep
when you can’t run you gotta throw the bundle
i had the whole hood geeked, i walk out [?]
the whole hood’ll turn on you quick if you just break a promise
yo’ ass a goofy you a lame you green like iguanas
my chopper dance for real for real like nle choppa
you gotta watch out for them hoes tryna pick your pockets
this weed sh+t got recommended
a hunnid k layin’ around, i had to invest in it
they made weed legal in illinois you need a car to get it
so many grams inside a blunt, them n+ggas made it hard to hit it
got my b+tch so bougie, after me it’s gon’ be hard to hit it
them lil boys can put in work for all i care we got the city
and we do though
my confession i got some head outside the louis store
and i pour a four whoa
this money got me sayin’ ooh ooh ooh
i’m so elite i’m like ooh ooh ooh
my heart cold it’s like ooh ooh ooh
this money got me sayin’ ooh ooh ooh
i’m so elite i’m like ooh ooh ooh
my heart cold it’s like ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh