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lil eggsoup – rainbow road lyrics


[intro: lil eggsoup]
uhh, my g+y+ness is kicking in (oh my god)
someone, please
someone call the paramedics or whatever they’re called
please, i need help immediately
grandmastafunk in this b+tch
oh god

[verse 1: lil eggsoup]
f+ckin’ these hoes on rainbow road
f+ck all the arabs, they talkin’ morse code
i just got top from a man named jove
from nutting on walls to blowing a load
this b+tch want on top but the mom’s not moan
this b+tch tryna talk but she’s callin’ me bro
a 1945, people minds is blown
they callin’ me trash but they all just clones
callin’ me broke, pull up off student loans
callin’ me out, but she blow up my phone
callin’ me g+y, like how did you know?
don’t get in my way when i’m in my zone
i hate british people for no reason
if manny’s on the song them i’m queefin’
feel like george ’cause i’m not breathin’
i’m makin’ rhymes while i be sleepin’
that’s actually cap, i’m makin’ nothing
got these hoes on my lap and i see something
that’s cap as well ’cause i get no b+tches
hey siri, show me the nearest bridges
when i’m jerkin’ off i can’t even finish
[?] always talkin’ and like, “can we play the switches?”
like, f+ck bro
sorry, i actually got p+ssed off ’cause that’s actually true
and it makes me mad, so uh, yeah
i say f+ck the f+gs even though i suck c+ck
[?], people nut in the socks
like bro are you weird? just use your dog
if you’re not a zoophile then you’re gettin’ blocked
last line was a joke but the other one’s not
i tried to buy weed but then i got caught
tried to buy from a smoke then met up at the cops
so strong [?] ’cause the grandma stops
i’m long to stroke [?] and your mom is hot
playing minecraft while i’m smoking on pot
lol your mom is a thot
can’t see my lyrics, my hair is a mop
[verse 2: mannyily]
yuh, yuh
ayy, ayy, ayy (manny, shut up)
walk in this b+tch, i pull up like a [?]
i f+cked your b+tch while she look like a tampon
b+tch my name manny, pull up with the bl!cky
b+tch called me a monster, i ate on her cookie
walk in this b+tch and i came with the po
yo’ b+tch in my crib and i’m f+ckin’ your hoe
b+tch+b+tch my name manny, my thumb in her hole
and i’ll kick a b+tch out because she gotta go
uh, i’ma go flex on the gram
uh, i’ma pull up on your man
uh, i put that boy in some sand
pull up on your b+tch and then we holdin’ hands
uh, d+mn, uh, d+mn (auughh)
uh, sleepin’ on me, you a fan
uh, glocky on me goin’ bam
uh, h+llo, i’m the coochie man, uh

[verse 3: lil eggsoup]
f+ckin’ these hoes on a road that’s rainbow
i’m with your dad and we’re doing +n+l
f+ckin’ my hamster, forgot it’s illegal
chillin’ yung spinach, b+tch i’m feeling evil
get straight with my music, man, f+ck all these people
i shoot in yo’ crib, bring my deagle
psych, nah, i’ma just keep it peaceful
so i’m gonna straight dig in, but these beetles
but i do got a sword and i’m willing to go medieval, hoe
[outro: lil eggsoup]
these mario beats are getting f+ckin’ out of hand i can’t even lie to you
i’m sorry, i had to do it again
i just had to, like, i just felt the need