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lil idiot – mad city lyrics


lil idiot
200k in under a year, b+tch wanna f+ck with the kid
(wait what?)
i cannot f+ck with the kid
(nah nah!)
aye yuh 200k in under a year and i don’t know how the f+ck to feel yeah, run up on me with this stupid ass bullsh+t i’ve been depressed for years, years
aye hop on the beat ima f+cking k!ll it, sizzle the sh+t like it is a sk!llet

im tired of women they f+cking me over
im acting to sober
i dont give a sh+t
ima beat yo ass down with my boulder
if you are my brother i carry you right on my shoulders
im tired of snithces they f+cking my n+ggas right over

they f+ckin’ my n+ggas right over… b+tch!
b+lls like a loner im back in this b+tch like a b+n+r
just call me young homer im getting these donuts
im popping these pills like a stoner

im popping these pills like a stoner im sipping this drink and its f+cking me over, infecting my liver im getting unlucky like f+ck a leaf clover
(aye b+tch!)
like f+ck a leaf clover you run up on me ima hit you right off of yo bike with a mower we pulling like towers

we working you down with the loner we smoking that boof to yo face now how do you like it you doner?

you talk all that sh+t we’re blowing you down with a sticko just call me a sicko my bars are like ten toes i gotta extendo we hitting a l!ck on yo house and you runnin’ like lizzo
(like lizzo, like lizzo)