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lil nut$acc – stride on my nut$acc lyrics


{intro: lil nut$acc}
last night i had the strangest dream
i sailed away to china
in a little row boat to find ya
and you said you had to get your laundry cleaned
didn’t want no one to hold you
what does that mean?
and you said
ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride
n0body gonna slow me down, oh no
i got to keep on movin’
ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
i’m running and i won’t touch ground
oh no, i got to keep on movin’

{verse 1: lil nut$acc}
i do not like b+tches if they make my peepee ice cold
(wait what?)
my b+lls feel like some ice cubes my c+ck is looking like a toad
b+tches fondling my nuts with cold hands like it snowed
babe, i can’t help it it’s just called shrinkage
she thinks i am shrimping but all i can think is
how i took your girl, your mom and your girl’s mom
she’s freaking out cause my c+ck is like a forearm
yeah it has fingеrs too b+tch i can grab stuff
grab some mommy milkers yeah i can nеver get enough
{verse 2: lil derty}
they’re like do you even own this sh+t
it’s legally questionable
shut the f+ck up before i turn you into a f+cking vegetable
i’m not gonna lie your feet looking delectable
i won’t just eat you like hannibal i’ll turn you into an edible
i’ve got so many cannibal bars the feds suspicious
but it’s okay cuz my cia agent’s f+cking delicious
i just slept with your mom and then your dad in quick succession
when i asked for your club penguin login
it was not a suggestion
i said do it b+tch
do it right now
before i trade some beans for your family’s prized cow
then come back down the beanstalk
with gold in my hands
and use the money to pay for your mom’s onlyfans
i went to your funeral to p+ss on your corpse
and told the official i had to see a man about a horse
but of course i went to the room where the coffin was stored and i opened it up
you weren’t in the drawer for sure
i guess you’re a ghost or a zombie or some sh+t
but that’s+ that’s scary as h+ll so i dipped

{verse 3: lil nut$acc}
derty spitting epic bars call it the odyssey
i got three rows of soccer moms in the odyssey
just kidding, i’m not actually attracted to mothers. they’re all old and sh+t you know? i don’t really understand the obsession with milfs but you do you milf lovers i suppose
you probably expected me to be like “sike” when the beat came back but no i’m just not into that it’s weird brah

sike! i make love to your mom but as a joke
so much s+x that i think she might croak
your mom is a senior, she’s like 55
i think my weiner just made her f+ckin die
rip your mom, she just died to the schl+ng
why does everybody have to die in my songs!
first my dog, then my b+lls, then cumboocha
someday i’ll get revenge like montezuma

{break my stride part 2: lil nut$acc}
you’re on the road and now you pray it lasts
the road behind was rocky
but now you’re feeling c+cky
you look at me and you see your past
is that the reason why you’re runnin’ so fast?
and she said

ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
n0body gonna slow me down, oh no
i got to keep on moving
ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
i’m running and i won’t touch ground
oh no, i got to keep on moving
{outro: lil nut$acc}
i’m a lyrical miracle spiritual individual
my rapping is terrible but it’s also satirical
yeah i’m a facebook mom my evidence is empirical

godd+mn babies, they are so r+t+rded
slobbering, blobbering, stealing my oxygen
eating up nutrients, but not contributing
to the society that they are living in
babies just suck on some tiddies all day
save some for the rest of us, stupid babay