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lil recclessbankroll – think she gang lyrics


[intro] (yeah) ratchet b+tch from block think she gang gang throwing up sets (that b+tch ain’t gang) (yeah) that b+tch ain’t gang. she ain’t gang ( i want her to f+ck on the gang ) (on god) see my lil b+tch we ain’t going for that sh+t we at yo f+cking neck. [?] [?] [?] (ain’t goin like no hoe). b+tch i’m big faceshot gang take off that vest

[verse 1] (yeah) lil ratchet b+tch from the block think she gang gang throwing up sets. (yeah) b+tch be mad & choosing. (yeah) i tell hoe come over & suck this d+ck. i f+ck with her she know i’m going to get them racks & i don’t need no b+tch. watch how that money counter run through them racks quick. (yeah) f+ck on these different hoеs i ain’t trying to kick it with no basic b+tch.( yeah) let them f+ck n+ggas hatе (yeah) pop out with a 10 round clip i bet i’m going to let off 8. f+ck n+gga i ain’t fina go back & forth i’ll have taliban eat yo face. (yeah) n+gga i’ll have them young n+ggas waiting outside yo door posted with them big ass dracs. ik she going to suck the d+ck up so i’m going to just put this sh+t in her face. n+gga should’ve been with marvel the way he saving these hoes & wearing a cape. n+ggas p+ssy they shake up these n+ggas can’t come around gang. riding with a fully automatic stick say f+ck it i’m taking that risk. you know this b+tch beautiful as h+ll (yeah) i swear that b+tch got range. i’ll push up in broad daylight ready to catch me a hat i’m trying to exchange yo brain. don’t come & shake my hand if you don’t know me & don’t know my name (grlddd) (yeah) soon as them young n+ggas drop that bag yo big ass going to be lit in flames. (yeah) a n+gga ain’t on sh+t tf you did for your gang? (hmmm) yeah old fake ass rapper i catch you n+gga i sn+tch that chain. [?] [?] [?} [?}

[outro] old goofy ass rap n+gga i catch you down bad i’m taking that chain. (grlddd) give me that sh+t n+gga. (yeah) that b+tch going to be mines. young n+gga turnt asf hop out of that sprinter n+gga stick big as a motherf+cker. (stick on me)