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lil shrub – yeet! lyrics


(lil shrub: verse 1)

he yeeted, he yoted
he yoted, he yeeted
yeah i need water
i need food
yeetedy yeet
yeet the dude
feed the rude
yeet the nude
have a poo
with yo dude
cause yeet doesn’t care
about yo underwear
so yeet your life
knife your wife
in the night
with a knight
cause yeet tells you to
stub your nub
cause a lil shrub told you to
cause i’m the yeet master
shoot your pastor with a blaster
you’re a b+st+rd
i don’t wanna be a meme
because the yeet god said, if i do, i’ll die
oh my god
i have a squad
poo poo
b+tt, ah

(lil annex: verse 2)

i’m going to watch baby videos
with rabies mosquitos
chasing filipinos in casinos
yeet them in a pit
hit them with a stick
one two three four five
your store dies
your eyes cry
your thighs are wide
yeet with no pride

(lil shrub & lil annex: outro)

yeet yeet yeet yeet