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lil soda boi – 我从没想过要伤害你doyouharm lyrics


oh, oh
shout out alt tech
shout out rumble
shout out $oda coin
shout out signed llc
i wanna be super crypto rich
do you see me, b?

will i die in your arms?
probably not
i don’t think i’ll ever see you again
didn’t mean to do you harm
i’d rather die
rather die, rather die
walk into the store
got the glock tucked in my ricky pants
b+tch, do you want to come with me?
we could go to the dance
yeah, we go to the prom
yeah, babe you look so bomb
you about to explode
i’m about to c+c+[censor bleep]
then i hit the bong, yeah
god i feel so high, yeah
because its really hot, yeah
100 degrees hot, yeah
but i keep it cool with ice around my neck, yeah
yeah, i’m about the check
and i’m about to flex

i try to delude myself
that i would be with you in the end
i tried to take out my depression and put it in the sea
i threw it away
i threw it away, i did