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lil wayne – my homies still rmx lyrics


my homies still rmx
(feat. young jeezy, jae millz & gudda gudda)

[intro: sample of “pump that b-ss” by original concept]
“get a lil’ stupid and” “get a lil’ stupid”
“get a lil’ stupid and” “get a lil’ stupid”
“get a lil’ stupid and” “get a lil’ stupid”
“get a lil'” “get a lil'” “get a lil’ stupid”
“get a lil’ stupid and” “get a lil’ stupid”
“pump that b-ss!”

[jae millz]
don’t make my snub go stupid, go stupid
hehehe, millzy!
that ak like aretha, it’s gon’ sing and you gon’ respect me
you n-gg-z just good at playin gangster roles, joe pesci
that’s yo’ girl, but it’s my world, cause she ridin me like a cruise ship
my flight land, i check in my suite, she bust it open like a new gift
we ain’t from the water fightin but you will get supersoaked
my goons’ll catch you in that ghost, and turn yo’ -ss into a ghost
my flow, super stupid, forrest gump, that’s r-t-rded dumb
it’s from my lungs and my clique bang, keep the change, rich gang

[chorus: lil wayne]
(“pump that b-ss!”)
yeah, my homies still – (“pump that b-ss!”)
ha, my homies still – (“pump that b-ss!”)
yeah my homies still – (“pump that b-ss!”)
(“pump that b-ss!”) don’t make my goons
go stupid, go stupid, go stupid, yeah
don’t make my goons
go stupid, go stupid (go dumb), go stupid, yeah

[gudda gudda]
okay my b-ss pump and my face pump, one b-mp leave ya face numb
let my white girl hit, watch that b-tch go straight dumb
all my yola 8-1, been that way since day one
plus i speak that cocaine, watch me bake this cake up
wake up; y’all sleepin on me, b-ss song in my speakers homey
and i ain’t talkin 808, changin places like i’m aretha homey
tony hawk got grind, holla at my slimes
we don’t drop no dimes and you still f-ck one time cause we


[young jeezy]
i’m ’bout to get stupid on this motherf-cker
tunechi i got you n-gg-!
yeah you know (it takes two), yeah n-gg- (rob base)
what’chu watch, when you cookin yo’ blow, “scarface”
got-got a big gold chain around my neck, neck brace
you should go there n-gg- on them old cold case
yeah all i serve is raw, straight sushi yeah no goo
h-ll naw n-gg- can’t serve you i don’t know you
n-gg- talkin beef sh-t? boy-boys likes oprah
dj magic mike got that b-ss, i done told you

[chorus w/ jeezy ad libs]

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