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lil won – ham lyrics


feat. taylor d and ms diamond diva

have it going ham
have it going,have it going ham
have it going ham
have it going,have it going ham
have it going ham
have it going,have it going ham
bet not let us in the club
bet we have it going ham

[verse 1 – taylor d]
open up another bottle of that peach flavored ciroc yeah that shot of 1800
got me feeling kinda hot man im just now getting started i don’t know when
ima stop my people starting up a riot wont stop till we hear the cops my
n-gg-s throwin they hoods up like its a picket in this b-tch and my crew
all supa thick stay turning heads we 2 legit and did i mention that were
higher than a flight around this b-tch throwing up so many dollars youd would think we selling bricks
this patron and that goose it got me feeling loose with a click of bad
b-tches yeah our swagg i swears the truth and you know that we stay lifted
so right now its through the roof its taylord style tailored clean
i’m with my team and we can’t lose
oh did i mention that my money right these b-tches bark but look no bite these hates talking its alright that means i’m doing something right i know some n-gg-s who get stupid and won’t think about it twice so b-tch don’t kill my vibe cause i’m partying all night


[verse 2 – ms diamond diva]
(diamond divaaa babaay)
i’m like turn me down for what
me and my b-tches way to crunk
we in this b-tch bout 20 deep
and we really don’t give no f-ck
don’t give no f-ck about your hype man your yes or yo right hand
god biscuits to ya bread crumbs
mo talent in my left thumb
see all my b-tches is bad news
straight boss b-tch att-tudes
pull up in the coupe and they salute
cuz they know that they have to
pull up in the spot and i tell the n-gg- park it
walk up in this b-tch and the bottles get to poppin
roll another blunt and i tell my n-gg-s spark it
roll up in the spot and ya better not start sh-t


[verse 3 – won]
jumpity jumpity jump that booty
move it like ya tryna break sumthin
put yo hands on knees nd bounce
right now nd don’t say nothing
it’s time to get this b-tch live
strait stoopid nd real dumb
hit the bar fire up that square nd represent where u from
my n-gg- i’m spiffy strait lifted
ain’t noun n-gg- matchin my fly
i’m throwed no frisbee i’m trippy
i’m off n my zone no lie
if u s-xy fine bad as h-ll jazzy nd u know it
stand up walk to the danceflow raise ya hand nd b noticed
i be goin ham uhh whenever i nail it
i’m the man i know this sh-t u ain’t gotta tell me