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lil won – testify lyrics


feat. kj and nucky breaux jr.

[chorus – kj]
right hand on the bible left hand to the sky i’ll never be a snitch i’ll never testify
you can cut out my tongue poke out both my eyes still i wont testify i wont testify
if ya love ya homies you supposed to ride instead you talking down talking bout you ride
robbin an killin ya n-gg-s but you claim you ride imma always do or die for the slip i’m gone ride

[verse 1 – kj]
skee mask do or die my hands to the sky da got snitches they gone testify free all my n-gg-s i’m lookin to the sky i done lost a lot of partners to this street sh-t no lie
god gotta plan for us all an some of my homies he called home got fam in da pen locked away my n-gg-s gone tryna be one hun is overrated lil dawg a lot n-gg-s be fakin from apperance they so real mouf full of gold teeth thanknin he so trill wanna be thug -ss n-gg-s claimin he sold drugs -ss n-gg- type of n-gg- that’s a snake i cut the gr-ss rat n-gg-
you n-gg-s don’t live how i live them goonside boys will leave ya stiff, n-gg-s fakin the funk d-ck in yhe booty punks i holds it down for my team i stay slippin i’m one thouuuu son


[verse 2 – lil won]
f-ck dees b-tches n-gg-
no issues strait pimpin gettin figures
don’t speak ta these snitches
who mention or b pointin at pictures
i roll wit a militia of n-gg-z who get down to business
that’s loyal nd have no pity towards dees hoes n they feelings
she give me knowledge
kuz she educated
she went to kollege
fluent n another language
she my real homie
she my ride or die
she’ll take a charge
nd she won’t testify
i love ha wit all my heart i would do the same thang for ha
she b chilln nd know ha part my whole family yea they know ha
testifying aint n my blood
so if we thug ima take wats mines
f-ck all u f-ck boys on the stand
testifying jux to save yo life


[verse 3 – nucky breaux jr]
i’m ah hold it down i ain’t got sh-t to talk about my n-gg- is my n-gg- and i be d-mn if ima sell em out. i live by the words this some sh-t u can not understand everybody real till them laws get up on yo -ss. then u gotta decision cause u looking at a sentence cause them folks then caught u red handed but they need -ssistance. what gonna do take it like man or sing like bird most n-gg-s start telling bout the dope u selling. we got snitches walking round like it aint sh-t in ya face then you thinking to yo self how did he beat case? let me tell ya that snitch n-gg- talking how moving major weight and got poppin in them apartments. now they coming for ya.