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lil wyte – get gone lyrics


“get gone”

[chorus 2x]
i got no heart no soul a ski mask a big toe
you get wrong and i’m a show you how you can get gone (get gone)
i’m a show you how you can get gone (get gone)
i’m a show you how you can get gone

[verse 1]
okay you’re listening to a m-th-rf-ckin monster cuz he’s behind the gates of h-ll
step into the darkness and i will show you where i dwell
in the shadows of the trees lurking busy city streets
the animal is hungry so the animal is about to eat
a carnivore of human flesh violence is my second nature
just because i slice you into pieces doesn’t mean i hate cha
you were snoopin’ around under a full moon’s light
and happened to cross the path of the wrong fool lil wyte
i’m a leave ya mentally scarred with demonic visions a satans apprentice
call me and ask ya questions cuz i believe in my own religion
take another look at the big picture and reverse ya reasons
i ain’t the only m-th-rf-cker out here changin’ like the seasons

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
i’m a scientific experiment gone real wrong
in the dark bas-m-nt one night in a very scary home
it was friday the 13th the rain was comin’ down hard
at the same time lightning struck the front and back yard
the lab shut down for one minute that’s when i died
the doctor wasn’t finished but he declared it a nice try
layin’ on the table all of a sudden i started breathin’
with no help from his equipment and the doctor can’t believe it
‘it’s alive’ he screamed as i ripped off his head
superhuman strength in me i guarantee he’s dead
now i’m on the loose free and i’m roamin’ through the streets
hungry as h-ll and i’m lookin’ for somethin’ to eat

[chorus 2x]