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lil yachty – feels like 2016 lyrics


fly her in i think she came from austin
mmm, uhh uhh [?]
bad little b+tch finna lay it down (down)
she said boat a dog, she said boat a hound (hound)
n+gga play with me they keep them hundid rounds
oh my god they gon’ lay it down
oh my god lighting up the town (the town)
put you down on the fairground (pew pew pew)
heard he selling pack light as air sound
wouldn’t want to be [?] on my deathbed (facts)
blessed to be me wouldn’t want to be him (on god)
big double d’s on my b+tch she [?]
my b+tch a model, she love the bottle
put her on the x and watch her friends follow

baby heat it up like the sun
she be on my hip like a gun
n+ggas talking down with no funds