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lilac • lungs – disguise lyrics


[verse 1]
fix your face before ya, go outside and show the
little things that make up every thought inside
you can’t let them see the broken parts inside ya
little mind that’s drowning, every other night

once you’re outside (you’re in for a ride)
you’re in for a ride (once you’re outside)
there’s nothing they can do
they won’t get what ya go through

[chorus a]
don’t get caught in the disguise, disguise
all they care about are the lies, the lies

[verse 2]
sit up straight and smile, show your teeth for a while
don’t stray off the path, walk straight in line
tears are not allowed, fake that your safe and sound
let ’em think you’re alright, let ’em think you’re fine

[pre-chorus] [chorus a]

[chorus b]
they won’t understand the things that make you cry
don’t get caught in the disguise, disguise

find people who go through stuff just like you do
find people who fear all the things that you do (2x)

[chorus a] [chorus b]