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lilac • lungs – stranger lyrics


[verse 1]
you make a promise to the figure behind your eyes
that tomorrow will disguise the lies
caught up in a wasteland of pretend
your mind has altered where you see the end

the mask is becoming a little tight
your bones still want you to see the light
it’s a little stranger at night
between darkness and your mind

oh-ooh-woah. i see you, stranger
oh-ooh-woah. and all the danger
oh-ooh-woah. no, this is not the end
oh-ooh-woah, hold on, my friend
hold on, my friend

[verse 2]
listen to me here, i speak of redemption from ear to ear
face the fears of your soul
and witness marvels greater than gold


hold on, hold on, hold on
hold on, hold on, hold on (4x)


oh-ooh-woah, oh-ooh-woah