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lilac • lungs – us vs. ourselves lyrics


[verse 1]
coming and going too fast
inviting poisons of our past
a modern-day torture
deep in the bones

maybe just a little vicious
catching fire from the crowd
breaking our code to be
someone who you will need

the battle has begun
the war is raging on
taking place in our mental health
us vs ourselves

[verse 2]
picking and choosing what’s best
for me, myself, and all the rest
rough on the edges, that’s how i like it

[pre-chorus] [chorus]

yes. i love when we all feel the same
i just wish we didn’t feel this way
and i’ll crave the day when we all find rest
and we will rejoice
and i’ll challenge my fear
and ask you to remember me
and i know deep down
that you will forgive all of me


we love the feeling!