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lilac • lungs – welcome to the fallout lyrics


[verse 1]
left with a bad taste
gotta pick up the pace to face what i have inside
i’m not a stranger to anger, but there’s sp-ce
for everything that’s mine
fighting the chills in a body of thrills
a will to be fearless again
the horizon is rising, and it’s inviting me to find a friend

who we were before the bio-hazard
has been shattered
now we’re something more

welcome to the fallout
all that you feel is allowed
welcome to the fallout
listen to the sound of what we have to say

[verse 2]
relive the motion of an ocean
that throws and knows, just how much is left
craving serotonin
love is overflowing, ready to make amends
what we say, is what we have to hear
when no one want to listen anymore

[pre-chorus] [chorus]

[bridge 2x]
find people who go through
stuff just like you do

find people who fear
all the things that you do