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lilcamcam – rap about dogs/$10.50 lyrics


yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh
+wiener dog
+boston dog
+ pug dog
+ golden dog

evan got loads of money
yea you know he’s really funny
his favorite book is pooh and tigger
little does he know tigger is a gold digger

+but red on the track
+clifford is fly you know yo
+big red dog so high up you know bro
+clifford watching you sleep though your window yo

i lost my 10.50 now im ballin
watch out i might end up callin
i keep a rocket in my pocket
rocket called a socket

+wiener dogs so meaty you can fit em in a bun yeah
+big wiener dog oh yeah so big so plump gotta oh yeah
+80 pounds so big can’t use a bed
+he so big you gotta carry him out on a stretcher yeah
evan likes to eat cake
he also еats lots of steaks
yea evan is from hеaven
and he looks like eleven

+ i see that dog chew up that bed yo
+ i watch him eat that food yo
+slupin up that water yo
+then that dog goes to sleep yo
+that’s it for us you know bro the end yo
9/10 doctors agree
that moulton has so much money
moulton is smart he has a giant brain
he’s known across the nation from newzeland to spain

evan moulton has so much cash
he takes all the haters and turns them to ash
he has 10.50 and don’t know what to do
but then he bought a used pair of shoes