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​lilhellion – ​sandy’s cheeks lyrics


[verse 1: lilh+llion]
yeah, wildin’ in bikini bottom, mr krabs, he had a problem
i’m too busy on hanime ’cause all these b+tches think i’m lame
proper introduction at the function, everyone calls me mr f+ck sh+t
i got b+tches on my line and they all so d+mn fine
they all call me mr nice guy but i just want them for the night
hop in the back seat, let me give you this meat
wait, can you stop callin’ me? ’cause i’m beatin’ sandy’s cheeks

[verse 2: wafelek]
ayy, got sandy’s cheeks up on my meat
i f+ck that b+tch, i make her squeak
i’m makin’ bread, i’m eatin’ cheese
like mr. krabs, count up my green
sandy is such a bad ass b
i hit that quick and dash and flee
squidward wants d+ck inside of me
but i said maybe, we will see
i got pearl up in my bed so i’ma hold her real tight
and i got sandy on my d+ck so i’ma make her feel right, yeah