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limbonic art – a black sphere of serenity lyrics


as we expire from the face of earth and leave the flesh
behind to decay
will there be a delight rebirth or will darkness lead the
soul astray
in the moment that you die, your whole life is p-ssing by
only then you will see how your afterlife will be
catch a glimpse of the death light, on the journey
towards the other side
as you drift through eternal haze, dismal domain of the
an arrival into a void so dark and so cold, a realm of
in utter darkness you are d-mned, seduced by a kiss of
incarcerated in a deep consciousness where time has
lifeless dreaming in an infinite gloomy display, a black
sphere of serenity
entering the darkest lair, an empty frozen atmosphere of
isolation in desolation, obscure spectral dimension
beyond the mind’s eye
journey into death’s euphoria
beyond the great dark adventure
a world unseed so mysterious supreme
timeless and ageless, no end no beginning
soundless utter emptiness, dormant suffering
death’s icy grip holds all life in its grasp
there is nothing there except your fear