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limbonic art – astral projection lyrics


leaving the body into a spectral scenery-
floating virtually on the outer surface, a return to abstract fantasy
ethereal hallucinations, lucid dreamlike manifestations
when the soul emanc-p-te from life, engulfed by an electric veil of light
pulsating ambiance of psychokinetic energy
revolving nebulous mist, astrophysical journey
ghostliness of the unknown, voices call from beyond
disengage the soul from the body
power-driven by dark occult reveries, deep sleep phenomenon, astral projection
a prospect of life after death, levitate to arcane destiny
orbiting the terrestrial soil, reach the zenith of ascendancy
a conduit, voyager, zooming across the periphery
adapting wraithlike shapes of existence
escaping the ephemeral earthly sh-ll where the soul dwell
watching, dreaming of illumination, perception, redemption
a p-ssage to the vaporous interstellar domain
hypnotic trance, post mortem scenarios, gazing into deserted forlorn horizons
amorphous shadows, dark tunnels, flashing lights
tranquility sp-ce, cryogenic slumber, remoteness, oblivion
an epic encounter with the darkness of death
the emission of light from the sun is dying
falling into the void of hypothermia, as freezing airstreams encircling