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liminal shroud – a hollow visage lyrics


enter, these weary waters
too long they’ve beaten the earth
never to bring peace again
embittered, spiteful foam

to wander, to be carried forth
as dead carrion wash ashore
no purpose, no flight, no instinct
as they submit to cold malignance

what moved now lies still
what loved now is dead
i pray not for redemption
i pray for nothing at all

for what decrepit vision of god
made in imperfect countenance
could atone for such failed creaturеs
made of ash, made of weaknеss?

swept away to distant waters

to fail to secure hedonistic want does not true failure make
to endure, to breathe when such breathing stings is our calling, our purpose

so here, at these rocks, taste bitter defeat and know this is not the end
inevitable sharp rocks cut deep and takes my broken words
a sermon to true existence
a curse to the b+st++l soul

to endure, to breathe

look to the ocean, knowing not what comes or
what was and only, only what is true

take these ashes, take these dreams of worlds to come
only self remains, only what is true