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linden helix – letter to you lyrics




now this is a letter to you

take it how you really want it, i don’t really care what you do

you been getting down on your knees and really you prayin’ i lose

right now you f-cking me over, you leaving that ain’t the way that we move

i got your back but you fronting, oh girl, i don’t really know what’s the use

you telling your friends that you love me, you need start telling the truth

you pillow talking w/ these n-gg-s, you busy denying the truth

you used to f-ck on a n-gg- so hard, i thought you had something to lose

maybe you do cause you losing your ways, tell me what happened to you

right now you packing, you leaving

you promised forever and ever, but girl… look how you gone on a weekend

i can’t even say how i feel, i keep it self like this sh-t was a secret

you trippin’, you scroll through me phone and you see that all your pictures deleted

you was the one who was that cheating

i don’t understand why you up in your feelings

imm’ minding my own and imm’ minding my business

don’t pick up the phone, you think imm’ w/ b-tches

out in the studio writing these lyrics

rose on the beat, it’s cl-ssic a given

i can’t even lie, imm’ joyful we did it

the picture was clear, you made that sh-t vivid

now that imm’ here you can miss me w/ kisses