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lisa prank – drive anywhere lyrics


lights flashing
signs p-ssing
i could drive anywhere
but there’s nowhere that
i really wanna go

let my phone die
for the first time
i don’t have anywhere to be
i guess i’ll just go home

and when i say i don’t know
i really mean it’s through
and when you say you’re leaving
i don’t care

letting go without a fight
it’s easier to leave
now that you are off my mind
i don’t wanna feel anything

leave the key in
just to listen
this song’s always stuck in my head
sing along again

up the porch steps
up to my bed
i’m getting good at sleeping in
not dreaming of you again

and when i say it’s cold
i really mean don’t go
and when i say i’m freezing
you don’t care

lets me down every time
everything i see
used to fall so easily
now i just wanna feel anything