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little big league – boyish lyrics


boyish re-ssurance is not re-ssuring when i need it
and all of my devotion turns violent
if you go to her don’t expect to come home to me

i can’t get you off my mind, i can’t get you off in general
so here we’re just two losers
i want you and you want something more beautiful

lack of inhibition works wonders in revealing every demon
and all this confrontation, this suffering
what do you want from me?
if you don’t like how i look then leave

i can’t get you off my mind, you can’t get yours off the hostess
watched her lips reserving tables
as my ugly mouth kept running

oh if we keep putting our clothes back on before the deed is done…
i know you like what i’m about — what’s the point if it’s just making out?

and i can’t get you off?
and you can’t keep this mouth from running
i know she gets you off
in a way i can’t and i never will