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littyyy bros – la mantra lyrics


[intro: excerpt from shot caller movie]

its your turn money man. i know your sh+tting bricks right about now. tryna rationalize the morality of what will your family think of you, how will they judge you, all of that went through my head too when i first broke my cherry. but then i realized none of that matters, the only thing that matters is you getting home to your family in one piece


[flacko bayo]
look at what you made me do!

[jess jamez figueroa]
i’ma monster!

[flacko bayo]
look at i did to you!

[jess jamez figueroa]
it’s called karma

[flacko bayo]
death before dishonor
’til the day that i’ma goner

[jess jamez figueroa]
tatted on my armor
its the mantra code of honor 2x


[flacko bayo]
the block is filled with drama
you resolving with ya llama
shoot it like a camera
i said shoot it like a canon
i’m blam blam & i’m blam’ing
i go ham then i’m hamming
i go pro un loco un poco
then i stab ’em
thеy got malcolm x, they got mlk
they got biggie, 2pac & jfk
what makе you think you can’t get got today?
what make you think you can’t get shot in broad day
get popped in times square on broadway
by a couple churro selling “oye”s (oye oye)
n+gga i’ll spit in ya eye
open palm clap ya face
i’m talkin slap the taste
out of your mouth
i’ll kick you outta yo couch
in yo own d+mn house
after i f+cked yo spouse
in yo king sized bed
with my king sized d+ck
n+gga blink & you dead
[jess jamez figueroa]
said all that drippin you been doin starting to dry up
i thought i told you n+ggas that i’m sitting high up
they asking “why?”, i’m looking back like “n+gga why what?!”
my indicator says you wanna see me fall n+gga
i’m raising h+ll ’til the day the lord calls n+gga (hallelujah)
don’t let me get another shot i’m running off wit ‘er
a boss n+gga, i ain’t got the time to talk wit ya
so keep skipping n+gga i ain’t tryna walk wit ya
hungry n+gga from the bronx tryna stick a fork in ya
like dinners served get off the street & hit the curb
i hit the herb before i let opinions hit my nerve
middle finger b+tch the only time you ever flip a bird


{flacko bayo]
look at what you made me do

[jess jamez figueroa]
i’ma monster

{flacko bayo]
look at what you made me do

[jess jamez figueroa]
i’ma monster

[outro: excerpt from shot caller movie]

the fact is, we all started out as someone’s little angel. and then a place like this forces us to become warriors or victims. nothing in between can exist here. and you’ve chosen to be a warrior, now it’s up to you to remain one