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lj kapone – giorno giovanna lyrics


hi i’m lj kapone
and i’m looking for
an eldery b+tch with an overbite
to come scr+pe her t++th along
the top of my c+ck
that is all
thank you

[verse 1]
getting really sick of the same old same old
don’t f+ck with n+ggas cause they lamos cased closed
send a n+gga up and i gift him a halo
drac witta drum thicker than the ass of j+lo
ignorant boy that’s why the opposition stays low
bickin’ back with ya b+tch and a cup of draino
cut me during s+x yes i know i’m insane hoe
had ya b+tch whoring but i’m not the one to blame bro

[verse 2]
make a n+gga fold like a paper plate
i don’t ever hesistate
if you got an issue than you
better press it to my facе
boy better bettеr say his grace
or he better learn his place
cause i move in silence and
i leave without a f+ckin trace
spray him like a can of mace
chopper never see race
white, black, or yellow all of
yaw can get a little taste
it’ll be a cold case
make him break just like a vase
like a game a tag
i’ll havin runnin back to home base
we shooting no buckets
stay strapped i untuck it
i grab it then pluck it
i’m screamin out f+ck it
can’t help but to love it
but i’m a still duck it
cause i’m far above it
just shut up and shove it
i’m hot like an oven
don’t drink but i’m buzzin’
i can’t trust my cousin
pull up get to bustin’
i swear i love cussin’
there’s no one i’m trustin’
pop tops like a m+ffin
b+tch who is you muggin’
[verse 3]
thirsty hoes all over my d+ck
i get so high that i can’t feel sh+t
i’m a knock a b+tch down
then you know i gotta split split
i’m an unlucky demon so shoutout to the clique
got dirty money lil’ b+tch i’m sewer rich
c+cktail drugs take ’em all then skewer it
tryna get more bands then f+cking pewterschmidt
only listen to the money i don’t hear that other sh+t
do what you gotta then you gotta bounce
it’s hard to sh+t with a d+ck up in ya mouth
i’m not quittin’ drugs so go ahead and pout
keep tellin’ me to quit while i burn this ounce