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lj kapone – split heads lyrics


[intro: cxrpse]
yeah yeah yeah uh
yeah yeah yeah okay
uh yeah yeah uh
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[verse 1: cxrpse]
it’s a shame what i see
every f+cking day
all you n+ggas lame
this sh+t just a game
you are just a stain
lame brain
i might have to take you out the frame
n+gga tell me where you stay
i might put you in yo place
d+mn, i dont even like to do a feat
next n+gga ask me for a feature getting kneed
who them n+ggas?
say they out the streets
i can’t wait to get a sword
so i can bring it out to sea

[verse 2: lj kapone]
i been jumpеd up off the porch
i twist intestines with a fork
i had to sacrificе my friends and soul to get the feat from cxrpse
i love drugs i take all sorts
and i k!ll people just for sport
i live my life with no remorse
this draco clip hung like a horse
i’ve been dead i need my meds i don’t get better i’m so cursed
you think you’re safe because you’re dead? i’ll k!ll myself come make it worse
the sh+t i spit is too legit it’s like i wrote a bible verse
and if he wanna box with me these hands gon leave his vitals hurt
i love pulling up with mac+11s, glocks, and dracos
all it takes is 3 bullets and then the f+ckin’ case closed
victim, witness, and the uc sittin’ out in plain clothes
now i did the mission only job now is to lay low
mortal kombat when i box these hands are f+cking fatal
i’ll slit ya throat and serve it to the kult with punch and ladles
i’m the n+gga in the club off percs and throwin’ tables
my glizzy busted on yo b+tches face gave her a facial