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lloyd banks – stuntin’ lyrics


[9 seconds instrumental]

new york city…
it’s me…

[verse 1:]
uh! – pull your camera phone out, you can shoot your first movie! (uhh!)
i’m headed for the louie, and i got ’em showin’ booty. (uhh!)
the dough did somethin’ to me. (to me!) – i count it in my ‘cuzzi; (uhh!)
envision canc–n, clean and spick and span room! (whooooooh-ooooooooohh!)
kaboom! – bentley bangin’ b-ss while i zoom, (yeeaah!)
i’m leavin’ out a threesome and it’s just the afternoon. (yeah!)
i told her i was c-mmin’ and she made it to the spoon, (huh?)
i put my sh-t back on and told her i’d see her soon;
zooom! (zooom!) – i’m sharp as a harpoon. – ya doomed!
brave dog barkin’ at the moon, – bafoon. (uhh!)
just screw ’em! – the heater make ’em curl in a cac–n, (uhh!)
ya ruined! – i spark my blunt back up, high and zoom! (uuuuuuh-oooooooooooooohhhh!)
i’m hot as late june and july, know i fly, (flyy!)
i hit your favorite nightclub and eyeball all the spies. (yeeah!)
and my evenin’ never dry, i can actually get by, (by!)
grey goose lemon lime and i’m packin’ up the ride. (uh-huh!)

frontin’, (fronin’!) – stuntin’, (stuntin’!) – money ain’t nothin’! (naah!)
i get it, (get it!) – i got it! (got it!) – i bag ’em, (bag ’em!) – i f-ck ’em, (f-ck ’em!)
then dump ’em! (whoo!) – shorty thought she was, but she wasn’t! (stuntin’!)
the one i’m lookin’ for, let her party with my cousin; (yeeaah!)

cause they love him. – come over by the dozen, i’m clubbin’. (stuntin’!)
i’m thuggin’! (uhh!) – and b-tches know my name cause i’m hustlin’! (stuntin’!)
they rub ’em, (uhh!) – and grab ’em; (grab ’em!) – that’s where i keep the magnum; (magnum!)
and when your bread stackin’, you never know what’ll happen!

[verse 2:]
uhh! – shorty say she love, (uhh!) – she don’t even know me. (naaah!)
baby don’t insult me, i should feed you to the homies! (yeah!)
ya bony! – don’t tell your girls you own me, – balony;
how phony! – we run new york like dan and tony. (whoo!) (yeah!)
i’m chromy. – diamond studded rolly, – i’m goldy! (uhh!)
i’m cozy! – see jets, spurs, ride like jenolie. (uhh!)
six cases of mã¶ey. (yeah!) – big faces you know he (yeah!)
pack the v.i.p up – with kim, courtney, and chloe. (yeah!)
the phantom like a sofa – so you need a chauffer! (chauffer!)
my picture make a poster, try to find a n-gg- doper. (yeeaaah!)
see mami on that coca; – she think i mean “quarter”, (quarter!)
when i break a b-tch first, lil’ kids like soda! (huuuh?!)
roller. – my baby’ll be in a gucci stroller, (uhh!)
rap bi-polar, and my goon’ll uzi off her! (uuuuhh!)
soldier, – i control my game without controller, (controller!)
i’m colder! – the whole south jamaica on my shoulder. (uhh!)


queens gettin’ money! – brooklyn gettin’ money!
the bronx gettin’ money! – harlem gettin’ money!
staten gettin’ money – off the corner money!
that millionaire money! – c-count more money!

hey! [echoes] [beat stops]